420 – King Kong Company – The Kenny Tynan Remixes – Out April 20th – Exclusive Preview


Yep, thats right – with King Kong Company’s blessing, Kenny Tynan is to release both of his remixes of King Kong Company tracks. In case of the chance that you’ve had your head up yer hole these past few months and haven’t heard the big beats, sounds and rhythms,  or the fantastic live show that is King Kong Company – the live electronic act that just played to a sold out Academy, and have their debut album on the way this summer, and with big hits like Scarity Dan and Spacehopper under their belt along with numerous awards.

Kenny recently remixed Ipop and Game Over both done in different styles, being the eclectic artist that Kenny is. Ipop is remixed in a Swedish house manner that Eric Prydz, Ferhplay and Jeremy Olander produce, while Game Over goes down the deep dirty drum and bass avenue influenced by Shook Norris.

Both releases are out on 420, to celebrate the day that is in it, thats April 20th for all you normals. All funds from the sales/streams will go towards a trip to the dam for Kenny and KKC for research purposes.

Check out Kenny’s remix of Ipop here, you’ll just have to wait until 420 to hear Game Over.



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