New single Zaragoza – Out Now

Written during my three month stay in Spain last summer, “Zaragoza” is out now on Madrids Crop Circle label, the release features excellent remixes from Ape Sapiens and Pad One. Early support from Way Out West’s Nick Warren, Andi Durrant, and Christian Monique. Get your copy here: Watch a preview here: Namaste KT

Debut Album – L1M1T3D 3D1T10N – Available now!

Turn it up to Eleven! Pre-orders are now available on the new Kenny Tynan album, 12 brilliant tracks available on CD only. Tracks include, Che, The Jink, Beatport charter Yer Manufactured Soul, The Volume, Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me, among other unreleased material. Ideal for summer jonts in the car, or for exercising, or if you […]